How to construct a water conservation model?

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Given the following materials, please explain on how to construct a water conservation model to be used in the household, such as the loo.

A roll of string, a manila card, a mounting board, two white boards, two plastic sheets, two lengths of tubing, a large transparent sheet, one water bottle.


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Can’t think of one for the loo, but I can think of one for the kitchen, if you’re not picky about how many of those I use or what size.

One plastic sheet over the stove, mounted below the exhaust hood (or if you don’t have an exhaust hood, suspend the sheet from the ceiling with some of your string). Slant one corner downward, under which you mount the second sheet to look more like a funnel. Connect a piece of tubing at the lowest end of the funnel and make sure there’s a good seal where it connects.

Use the mounting board and white boards if you need to, to hold up this funnel off to the side of your stove and support for your tubing to ensure a good downward but supported slant. You need only one length of tubing, the other end of which would go into your water bottle.

How it works: every time you steam vegetables, make soup, cook anything that has a water content in it, the first plastic sheet catches the steam, allows it to condense, and via the sloping corner, directs it to the funnel, which directs the water to the tubing which fills the water bottle. This collected water can be reused to cook the next meal.

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